Happy earth liberation day! Redefining Why the Chicken Crossed the Road

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2021

Regenerative indigenous agriculture is not about being against anything, but rather in favor of, in support of life and thriving ecosystems, in support of the earth living systems. According to experts "33% of the Earth's soils are already degraded and over 90% could become degraded by 2050 (FAO and ITPS, 2015; IPBES, 2018)." Soil has been so significantly degraded that it threatens the ability of humanity to feed itself on a global scale.

To shift the system at scale and regenerate those ecosystems we must first stop plowing, tilling, draining, and abusing the land with monocultures and toxic inputs. Parallel to that, we must rapidly restore abused land. Salvatierra Farm is one example of how this is happening within a larger strategy to re-design the poultry industry.

Salvatierra Farm works to move forward a regenerative poultry production model with the capacity to cause significant shifts in this industry sector. Regenerative poultry in short means, that the land's...

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The Future is Regenerative

 As I stand on the highest point of the 75 acres of land my wife and I recently purchased here in Bridgewater Township in Northfield, Minnesota, I can't avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

Don't take me wrong, this land purchase is the realization of one of the most important dreams I have had since I came to this country in 1992. Since I came to Minnesota from Guatemala, I have been working with farmers by helping them build their homes, restoring old buildings, helping market their CSA shares, buying shares for our family. Always looking for a connection that can bring me back home to the land.

I am more than excited about this new place where we plan to make our final home, but I also have a full-time job, a 17-year old that has not started college, and two grown kids that although they moved to California last December will continue to be a top priority. This new farm will take all of the bandwidth left after all of those priorities are covered.

I have dedicated my...

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