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Regenerative Poultry Production Training

We help farmers develop successful farm businesses with our regenerative poultry production training and consultation.

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How to reduce poultry feed costs and on farm inputs, while regenerating your landscape with the most efficient and profitable way to humanely raise pastured poultry.

How to cash flow your farm the first year through our system of farm start up and business management, while becoming a part of a growing network of Tree-Range® Chicken Producers

How to grow abundant tree crops without having to apply synthetic fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides. Let the chickens do the work!

Meet Regi

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin engages immigrant, young, small, new and established agricultural entrepreneurs in the US in refining and championing a global model for small-scale, poultry-powered (and planet cooling), scalable regenerative agriculture system.

With degrees in agroecology and business management Regi is in a unique position to help the next generation of farmers navigate on their journey toward successful and wildly regenerative farming operations.

His approach to business development and systems change is allowing him to create a way for small farmers to work with natural systems and the ecology of their land to create opportunities to heal the earth and generate a viable income while doing so.

"This training was exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to shift our families land into regenerative farming practices."

Carly Crombie
Organic Compound

"This training is fascinating because it allows exploring the scientific concepts and ancestral knowledge about raising broilers and eggs under a system that takes care of the animal, the soil, the environment and above all a family could live with dignity doing this. I personally want to be a producer that uses this production system and produces excellent products with high levels of nutrition."

Wilber De La Rosa
Jubilo Farm

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  • Join Our Monthly Mastermind Call
  • 2 Hour Group Q&A
  • Production Manual Download

Each month our mastermind connects with stories and questions. Join Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin and this dedicated group for a 2 hour Regenerative Poultry Production Q&A. Included is a download of the Regenerative Poultry Production manual. Bring your farm vision to the table, our dedicated group will be available to answer your questions and help you down the regenerative path.




  • Business Consultation
  • Design Consultation
  • Production Manual Download

Get a 2 hour private one on one consultation call with Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin and have all of your biggest questions answered. Regi will guide you through the process of planning, planting and implementing a regenerative poultry design on your farm. Get a free download of the Regenerative Poultry Production manual and a 10% discount on your Mastermind membership.




  • Lifetime Access to our Regenerative Poultry Production Course
  • Production Manual
  • Includes One on One Consultation

Start building the foundations of a regenerative business and production system on your farm. The Regenerative Poultry Production Training and Business Development courses will take you from the producer mindset to an energy manager with the most efficient natural systems to guide the growth of your regenerative poultry production business.


You don't have to do this alone.

Let’s work together to change the food system and transform our farmland!

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Regi is launching a new farm and a home to educate, explore and continually push regenerative progress forward. Salvatierra Farm aims to be an anchor to spreading this message and training the next generation of regenerative poultry producers.



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