Real-world application of regenerative knowledge

Do you feel that you could benefit from more regenerative experience?


Train closely with seasoned regenerative poultry producers in a poultry producing community to help navigate your own regenerative operation and to develop your skills

In-person training provides the unique opportunity to: 


  • Learn from farmers who have years of practice within this system of regenerative poultry production.
  • Learn from the unpredictability of real-life situations.
  • Apply knowledge gained in the online course in real and unpredictable situations. 
  • Gain confidence in your farming knowledge before you start implementing practices on your own.


Train In-Person at Salvatierra Farms

(Coming Soon)


After completing the online Regenerative Poultry Production Training, students are encouraged to participate in hands-on training at Salvatierra Farms and other partner farms.

Hands-on Regenerative Poultry Production Training


Price TBD

This training provides students with the ability to:

  • learn in a unique, hands-on environment. 
  • Acquire knowledge that can only be taught through hands-on learning, such as the behavior of animals, caring for chickens as predators engage, and how to identify diseases.

Apprentice at Salvatierra Farms

(Coming soon)


After completing the online Regenerative Poultry Production Training, apply for an apprenticeship at Salvatierra Farms. Farmers and entrepreneurs who have completed their online training and would like to work hands-on for a more prolonged period of time before they launch their farms and become part of the Tree-Range® system will be prioritized in the application process. Applications for apprenticeships will be found on the Salvatierra Farms Website.

Salvaiterra Farms Apprenticeship


Amount TBD

Obtain food, board, and a stipend as you dive headfirst into raising your own chicken flock and assisting on the farm.

During this internship we provide guidance as you:

  • Develop your chicken production skills
  • Put knowledge obtained in the online training to practical use.