Gain the knowledge you need to succeed in growing a regenerative farming business with regenerative poultry production.


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Regenerative Poultry Production Training

Learn with the RAA

Are you ready to become a farmer within the PCRA ecosystem? Join the RAA's guided learning program for the Regen Poultry Production Training

Learn about a regenerative poultry system that can take back control of a failing food system.


Build financial gains from a farm or food business with integrity.

Build healthy food supply chains and support a growing regenerative community.

Build regenerative business practices that return natural ecosystems to the farm.


Meet Regi

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin engages immigrants, farmers old and new, and established agricultural entrepreneurs in his life's work of designing, refining, and championing a global model for poultry-powered, planet cooling, scalable and regenerative agriculture. After a decade of research and development, countless partners and farmers around the globe, and degrees in agroecology and business management, Regi is in a unique position to help the next generation of farmers and businesses. Regi has surrounded himself in this work by launching the non-profit Regenerative Agriculture Alliance and co-founding the Tree-Range® Chicken brand, which have built the foundation for successful regenerative design and business. He is creating opportunities to heal the earth, and bringing back the hope of a future of restoration by introducing real and tangible ways we can change the world today through regenerative practices.

Grow a diverse regenerative future in poultry production with just three easy steps

1. Take the Regenerative Poultry Production Training

Enroll in regenerative poultry production training and learn next steps in regenerating your land and farm business.


2. Grow Your Farm or Food Business

Implement knowledge gained from the regenerative poultry production training, and schedule your one-on-one consultation to customize your learning to your farmland.

3. Become a Part of the Regenerative Future

Join the Tree-range ® brand or connect with RAA/RAS for system expansion updates or for support in creating your own regenerative ecosystem branch.


Reassess your business practices from a regenerative context

1. Book a Regenerative Systems Consultation

Book a regenerative system consultation to assess the task of bringing current agricultural operation to a regenerative level of thinking.

2. Reframe Your Business Practices

Continue with regenerative system consultation meetings to plan the reframing of your business.

3. Become a Part of the Regenerative Future

Implement planned changes developed in the regenerative system consultation meetings.


We know that you want to steward healthy food and farming systems on your land and in your business. In order to do that, you need to see how your work can create community and support a regenerative future. The problem is farming in a new way and building new food systems can be risky, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed and create a sense of impossibility. We believe that you can transition to a regenerative practice. When we come together and focus on one sector at a time (in our case poultry), growing a new food system is possible. We understand how difficult it is to venture into the unknown, this is why we developed a regenerative poultry production model that can provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to secure a healthy future for your farm, business, and community.