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When you purchase an item on this page, you are directly supporting Salvatierra Farm. Whether you purchase an item or make a gift, Salvatierra Farm will receive all proceeds above the cost of the item. Your generosity will help build Salvatierra Farm and inspire and support other farmers in this region. The farm will demonstrate regenerative poultry farming and smart entry points for new farmers. Beyond becoming part of the Salvatierra Farm story, you will help build a regenerative agriculture movement for all.

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Below are the ways you can support Salvatierra Farm.

Simply Make a Gift

Show your support and select a gift amount below. No matter how large or small, we appreciate your generosity. You can add as many as you would like to your shopping cart to make a bigger contribution. We want to give you something in return too, so don't miss out on some of the amazing products and experiences below.


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We don’t need to be neighbors to be community. Here are the ways to support Salvatierra Farm from anywhere in the world.

Preorder Chicken

Box of Six Chickens

3-4 lbs each (~21 lbs total)



In The Shadow Of Green Man:  Book

Written by Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin



Hand Made Earrings

Handmade Earrings by Nicktae Marroquin-Haslett, a local artist and daughter of Amy and Reginaldo!


Maiz Heart (Sacred Corn)


Rosy Salvatierra (Farm Scene)


Morning Bird (Chicken)

Interested in Training or Consultation?

Select the training or consultation options below and we can help you plan your farm, improve your operation and regenerate the landscape!

Regenerative Poultry

Production Training

Planning on starting your own farm? Take our online training course!


One on One Consultation

Need custom support? Talk directly with Regi.

Book Now

On-Farm Experiences

Live in the area? Come tour the farm and join us for some of our place-based experiences! 

Yoga On The Farm

Get in the flow and on the land with us in the fall of 2021 or summer 2022 (Dates TBD)



Farm Tour

Join us for a tour of our new farm!



Spiritual Retreat

Have a spiritual immersion on the farm.



Farmer for a Day

Be a farmer for a day and get to know regenerative poultry production.



Dinner on the Farm

Join us for a private dinner with friends in the summer of 2021




Support The Transformation


Your support to build out this farm’s poultry infrastructure is an investment that will encourage, inspire, and support a larger network of BIPOC farmers in the region to join the poultry system. This project has already inspired the formation of a Tree-Range® Farmers Cooperative, which supports other farmers and collectively delivers social (racial), economic (livelihood from the land) and ecological (water, soil, biodiversity) healing in a way that is self-sustaining and scalable. This is way more than a regenerative poultry farm, it is the epicenter of an ongoing effort to build collective impact and systems change.

Every Tree-Range® chicken that is produced and delivered to the market has a huge impact in shifting our supply chain to a regenerative system. Every chicken we produce supports farmers growing grains, workers processing or delivering the grain, socially responsible impact investors who choose to partner with our system, consumers buying healthy, regenerative chickens. 

Our design prioritizes turning healthy working environments into healthy and happy farmers and workers. We operate from a circular model where everyone is valued all the time, all living systems.

Learn more about our business model and regenerative practices on our About Page.